Few words about JERS

JERS Corporation was established with the primary aim of fostering human resources that can improve the environmental situation and contribute to global warming, ecological conservation and the improvement of the waste disposal environment using our innovative Japanese technology and systems for wastes across different sectors.

About JERS

At JERS, we provide integrated waste management and environmental solutions, working in partnership with customers to help minimize the financial and environmental impacts of their waste. We provide a total waste management service and an affective disposal of waste
Our expertise lies in converting organic waste into quality compost, animal feed and fuel for use in agriculture, aquaculture, livestock farming and community growing needs. Our Municipal waste management service offers a real alternative to landfill, whereby we recover valuable energy from materials that cannot be recycled and is being wasted presently.

We use Patent microorganisms that are resistant to temperature and salinity decompose organic matter in vacuum and decompressed activity space in a short time to predict odorous components such as ammonia, so every biomass waste is a fermented matter It changes. Not only waste materials with high moisture content but also oil waste and highly viscous food waste are separated into carbon dioxide gas and moisture by aerobic bacteria that have entered every corner, gas components stay in the body of microorganisms, moisture is Evaporate in the air all in the vacuum drying process. Also, in order to prevent the destruction of the ecosystem, the indigenous bacteria to be used are collected from the soil near the installation site, cultured for 2 to 3 weeks, strengthened to tolerate actual operation. In addition, it is recognised that the behaviour of three microorganisms is stable and does not degenerate, and has been deposited at the International Patent Microorganism Depositary of Industrial Research Institute as a patent microorganism.

At JERS, we are committed to delivering our services responsibly and sustainably, ensuring that we meet the needs of our customers while managing the social, environmental and economic impacts of our operations and services. We recognize that by working with out customers, employees and the communities in which we serve, we can make a greater contribution to a more sustainable society.

With our Management team having qualified professionals, we provide consultancy and Engineering services in the following areas:


ERS designing as per feedstock requirement. Integrating ERS for in house waste treatment Designing for waste water treatment, sludge treatment, mixed waste processing, energy recovery from mixed waste, waste management for marine industry, food processing industry, and public utilities. Culturing specific indigenous microbes for rapid composting of specific organic waste

Feed Processing

Animal feed, Pet feed, Fishmeal for aquaculture sector and consulting on Factory operations for such products.

Environmental Consulting

Zero-emission and zero-discharge waste management in facilities, CMD and other environmental consulting


Our objective is to promote sustainable use of land and soils by replenishing nutrients using purely organic means, as well as to divert landfill waste, and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.


Our vision is to be a world leader in processing organic residue and other animal by-products and waste materials. We intend to fully leverage Japan ERS Technology Corporation’s patented technology to establish a global fleet of assets, either owned or licensed, to help address critical human and animal health issues.


It is important to Recycle and not destroy the environment. The ERS machine is a Zero-Waste Management. It is the best option to combat climate change. We strive to provide our Partners with the best sustainable solutions and resources that they require to be successful in today’s global green economy.
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