Waste to Energy

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is from processed municipal solid waste (MSW) and industrial wastes. RDF is burned in dedicated RDF incinerators or is co-incinerated with coal or oil in multi-fuel boilers or cement kilns. The calorific value of raw MSW is around 1000 kcal/kg,while that of fuel pellets is 4000 kcal/kg. On an average, about 15–20 tons of fuel pellets can be produced after treatment of 100 tons of raw garbage.

Food Processing Industry Waste

The food industry is now facing increasing pressure to ensure that their company's activities are environmentally sensitive, but there is also increased internal pressure to maintain or increase profitability in the face of fierce competition. A major environmental problem faced by the food industry deals with the disposal of food processing residuals. ERS technology is recommended for in-plant handling of solid residues and their disposal.

Municipal Solid Waste

Processing MSW can become a profitable business! Every year developing nations spend some US$46 billion on managing their municipal solid waste, and these investments could exceed US$150 billion per year by 2025. JERS advocates a decentralized approach for city waste management.

The ERS unit is installed at the site of waste source and it saves the cost of transporting waste to landfills.

Fish Meal Processing

The conventional fish meal process is a complicated,lengthy system, where the whole plant shall have to be housed in enclosed structure thereby resulting in terrible odor. Waste water draining which includes concentrated fish soluble creates other environmental contamination and odor problem. 

ERS technology can convert any small fish (trash fish) into quality fish meal products.

Livestock Farming

Cow, pig, chicken manure can be fermented and dried very fast through ERS. It is not necessary to separate Solids and liquids. Manure and urine can be thrown in together and there will be no waste water discharge. The number of bacteria is reduced by ERS System drastically.

Sewer Waste

A growing portion of world’s toilet waste is converted into fertilizer and biogas. Owing to water shortages in most of the populated urban cities, the toilet waste is routed into rivers.

While most parts of the world also harness fecal sludge into resources, beings have for centuries found ways to re-purpose their waste, the ERS opportunity to do so is unmatched as the nation’s cities become more crammed.

Slaughter Waste

Slaughterhouse wastes are a potential reservoir of bacterial, viral, prion and parasitic pathogens, capable of infecting both animals and humans. ERS can recycle dead animals,slaughterhouses Non vegetarian supermarket rejects into various products known as recycled meat, bone meal, and animal fat.

Sludge Treatment

Discarding and covering up dredging sludge may bring environmental problem.The ERS technology can avoid the environmental pollution due to sludge; and utilize refuses so as to get social benefits. While the biological processes for processing river bed and dam sludge are still under development around the world, ERS promises tremendous potential in this sector, since it is of low cost.

Petroleum Sludge

Crude Oil Sludge from Petroleum storage tank bottom are categorized as Hazardous Wastes under Environmental rules across the world. These sludge containing mixtures of Oil, water and solids, cannot be disposed as landfill, even if they are de-oiled unless they are totally.Microbes present in ERS break down the structure of emulsion and water, after which Oil is separated during fermentation process

Industrial Waste Water

In developed countries, industry is the biggest consumer of water and accounts for 50 to 80 percent of total demand. Reusing wastewater is an attractive economic alternative and helps conserve an essential commodity for future generations. The declining supply and higher cost of raw water is also forcing industry to implement recycling technologies.

ERS can process any form of Organic waste within 2 to 4 hours

ERS uses microorganism that helps speed up the process of decay and consumes harmful microbes in organic wastes. This could help the City Governments and other urban communities deal with the problem of garbage disposal, according to its Japanese inventor Mr.Shimose.
The ERS unit can be setup ANYWHERE! Because we can select and multiply locally available indigenous microorganisms which can survive in high temperature and extreme conditions.

The ERS is a compact system having reasonable running cost.

The ERS is EASY to Operate! Our automatic control system allows users “one-push-control” for any kind of materials regardless the moisture content, mixed input etc.

The ERS is Easy to maintenance

The ERS has SPEED! The operation time takes only 2 – 4 hours.

ERS Features

No preprocessing Required: The ERS machine is a simple machine and does not require any preprocessing. This method does not require any mixture of nutritive material. It processes the mixed garbage in 'as-it-is' condition

No Odor: As ERS machine is the high speed composting method as it decomposes the organic waste into compost before the formation of gases and odor starts. It reduces the MSW odor drastically as it does not require any storage of MSW for drying or treating.

Low maintenance: ERS machine does not require high maintenance.

Highly Durable: ERS machine is a simple structure, and it is highly durable. Its simple design enhances its performance and operation.

Compact Design: ERS, as compared to the conventional method, does not require much space.

Low Civil and Installation Costs: ERS does not require high building cost.

Recycles Waste Water Treatment cost: Uniqueness of the ERS machine is that it reduces the cost of Waste-Water Treatment as the moisture present in the garbage is recovered through the condenser.

Low moisture Fertilizer: The Fertilizer obtained after the process of ERS contains the meager quantity of Moisture. The moisture content of the ERS ranges from 7-12%, hence it is easy for handling and transport.

Easy Incineration of RDF: ERS solves problems like the presence of Compound Organic waste and High Moisture. RDF obtained by ERS is Easily Combustible with the low Moisture Content

Highly Nutritive Organic Fertilizer: Organic Fertilizer Produced by ERS is the Highly Nutritive in nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, etc.

Variation is MSW: Different amount of moisture contents in different materials does not affect the operation of the machine.

Fully Automated Machine: It is an automatic control system with CNC control devices.

Disaster Resistance: ERS is not affected by Natural Disasters like Earthquake, Floods, etc. Functioning can be resumed after Natural Restoration of Surroundings.

Environment-friendly solution – does not create any environmental threat, instead takes care of the environment as it produces no pollution to water, air or soil.

Zero Discharge: The working on the project is enclosed in a chamber like a machine without any discharge of gases, odor, water or waste (residual) material

Segregates all the waste automatically – equipment is designed to process mixed garbage, and it separates the waste materials from organic and non-organic, automatically and thus saves time.

Saves human life from the hazardous task of Segregation: Difficult to find labor for this dirty and unsafe task. No need to manually separate or segregate the waste, thus saving human resources cost as well as defending the human life from this dangerous task of segregation (by scavengers and rag-pickers).

No Storage Required: ERS does not require Storage of MSW as it completes the process of the total quantity within the same day.

All Biodegradable Processing: All Biodegradable Substances are Processed in ERS at the same time and do not require any pre-segregation or pre-preparation.

No Post Processing of Fertilizer Required: ERS does not require any post Processing of Fertilizer (like storage at the specific temperature) after processing.

One time capital Cost: It requires a one-time Capital Investment, with low operations & maintenance costs.

Saves decomposition process time – decomposes the Solid Waste into reusable Fertilizer/ Compost/ energy on the same day (within 2 to 4 hours).

ERS manages the Municipal Solid Waste as an on-line basis, i.e., the waste generated by the cities is decomposed and recycled into usable matters on a daily basis.

Old Inventory can be Processed: if the ERS is installed of a higher capacity than the daily generation of waste, it can manage and process the old inventory of garbage lying in the cities, thus solving the pollution and clearing the usable land area for better utilization.

Stops deterioration of groundwater quality: The land-fill and dumping of garbage cause deterioration in the quality of groundwater by way of seepage of leachate. By installing the ERS, the land-fill and dumping of garbage are avoided, thereby avoiding the formation of leachate and its recycling. This results in better quality of groundwater.

ERS helps in reduction in Air Pollution: Greenhouse gases like CO2 and Methane are produced from the landfill and dumping of garbage. Use of ERS avoids any emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere, thus conserving the environment.

This technology can be used in wide areas, like 
  • Municipal solid waste treatment, 
  • Slaughterhouse waste,
  • Fish waste.
  • Poultry waste,
  • Oil extraction,
  • Human waste treatment,
  • Sludge recycling, 
  • Plants/trees, recycling and 
  • Industrial waste water treatment.
  • Oil Refinery Waste 
  • Waste to Energy

Mixed waste can be processed without separation and recycled as Fertilizer or animal Feed. The moisture content in the input is recycled the cooling process. Change of moisture levels in different batches of inputs does not affect the operation of the machine. The moisture levels are automatically controlled thereby enabling specific micro-organisms to survive and multiply.

Plastic and other inorganic material are segregated at the end after the fermenting and drying process. 

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