Demonstrations of ERS technology was conducted in Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore for processing Municipal Solid Wastes. ERS was able to process mixed un-segregated Municipal Solid waste (MSW) into Compost within 2 to 3 hours. Similarly a demonstration was held at Udupi, Karnataka for processing trash fish to fishmeal.  japan Map
Municipality Solid Waste Processing in Delhi
ERS had its first technology demonstration held at the premises of IL&FS at Okhla Lanfill site at Delhi. The prevailing technology being adopted at the site required 45 days for the organic waste to be processed as compost.
Demonstration of ERS at Okhla Waste Treatment Plant, Delhi in 2012

The 4 ton per day capacity ERS unit was able to process MSW waste into compost in 1 day only thereby reducing the turnover time drastically. Space used for composting material storage in conventional method was reduced and higher quality mature compost was produced with better yield and more environment compliance. ERS could prove that it could eliminate the leachate problem of current system leachate problem.
Scientists from Japan ERS Technology explaining the process
A demonstration was held for the officials of Bangalore City Municipality to educate them on various applications of ERS particularly for Municipality waste processing and Slaughter waste processing. The demo was successful and elicited very good response from city planners.

ERS has more than 200 Installations worldwide.

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