In Malaysia, ERS has been installed to process Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) of Palm into Wooden briquettes for fuel Biomass and oil extraction from palm, for rural waste management and Sewage treatment. In Bantargebang sanitary landfills, which receives 5000tn/day of Jakarta City municipal waste, ERS has been proposed to process RDF and subsequently utilize ERS compost to deodorize the foul smell emanating from the landfill. ERS has also been installed for industrial waste treatment. Malaysia Map

Fishmeal factory under operation in Kota Bahru, Malaysia

Under a Joint Venture project with Majuikan, which is 100% subsidiary of Malaysian Fishery ministry, the Fish meal factory with ERS technology is on going at Kota Bahru, Malaysia since 2006.

According to studies done by Fishery Ministry, about 750 tons of unusable trash fishes are found to be dumped in the sea every day.

While existing fishmeal factories hesitate to manage trash fishes because of the environmental problem such as bad odor and discharge in drains during the process, ERS technology has a totally different solution to convert small trash fishes into excellent quality fish meals.
Selangor, D.E, Malaysia

GES International Sdn. Bhd, runs a 50 TPD capacity ERS unit at their premises in Teluk Gong Klang, Selangor, D.E, Malaysia for processing of Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) of Palm into Wooden briquettes for fuel

ERS has more than 200 Installations worldwide.flags

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