In Philippines, ERS has been certified as Green Technology by Ministry of Science and Technology. ERS has been installed to recycle the Bagio Municipal city waste into fertilizer. The Local body has signed a MOU for buy-back for the fertilizer produced by ERS. The Compost has been tested by the Bureau of Soil, of the Department of Agriculture, which has verified that the fertilizer contains ample amount of essential nutrients, particularly nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and zinc. Philippines Map
In Philippines, ERS technology demonstration has been held for Manila Water, San Miguel Group, Universal Robina Corporation, Philippines Coconut Authority, Bureau of Animal industry, MMDA, Department Of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environment, National Solid Waste Commission, Land bank, Asian Development Bank, DBP etc. resulting in number of orders for practical ERS installations.

Demonstrations of slaughter waste in Philippines.

ERS has obtained the Environmental Technology Verification conducted by the Industrial Technology Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Philippines. It also acquired accreditation with the National Solid Waste Management Commission.

The Municipality of Bagio in Philippines launches their Waste Management Project with ERS technology

In 2011, the Environmental Recycling System (ERS) was acquired to manage bio-degradable waste and converting it to organic fertilizer. The city generates 366 tons of solid waste per day, 122 tons are being hauled out, 30 tons are processed by the ERS, and 214 tons are classified as recyclables and taken by waste pickers.

ERS has more than 200 Installations worldwide.flags

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