ERS has been utilized for processing  Bagasse into feed, farm waste treatment to process dam sludge into soil conditioner, Industrial waste treatment and Organic waste processing in Food Recycling Centre. ERS has the distinction of receiving industrial recycling grant for 6 time and has been the Japan Breweries Union central grant receiver. japan Map
ERS has the distinction of receiving industrial recycling grant for 6 time.
ERS has been Japan Breweries Union central grant receiver
Nagasaki Miyako-island Gunma

Okinawa Ham Co.,Ltd. Japan

Okinawa Ham has tried to convert food waste such as Ham, Sausage, vegetable, potato and bagasse etc., into fertilizer. Earlier the odor from the process was a problem to tackle in this food factory, which after adopting the ERS technology is able to manage odor and hence the facility is now open to tourists.
ERS has been installed for food waste processing at Okinawa Ham Co.,Ltd.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, which is under government operation, enjoys more than 2.5 million guest/year.
Bio Fertilizer is processed by ERS in Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
Treatment of waste from fish feed, unfed feed, vegetable from restaurant, pruned tree in the park etc. Prevailing fermentation or drying process was not successful in processing waste into fertilizer.

ERS was installed to produce fertilizer without odor or waste water and realized zero emission operation

ERS has more than 200 Installations worldwide.flags

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