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At JERS, we provide integrated waste management and environmental solutions, working in partnership with customers to help minimize the financial and environmental impacts of their waste. We provide a total waste management service and an affective disposal of waste Our expertise lies in converting organic waste into quality compost, animal feed and fuel for use in agriculture, aquaculture, livestock farming and community growing needs. Our Municipal waste management service offers a real alternative to landfill, whereby we recover valuable energy from materials that cannot be recycled and is being wasted presently.
Patents and Intellectual Property
Patented Microbes
ERS utilize specific microbes which are collected from the local soil for the fermentation and drying process. 3 types of microbes are specified and deposited to International Depositary Authority for the purpose of patent procedure.

The 3 type of symbiotic microorganisms named after the inventor Mr. Shinichi Shimose as Shimose 1, Shimose 2 and Shimose 3 are the first Associated Microbes to be received for deposit in the world under the International Budapest Treaty. Shimose – kins can be found everywhere in the world, but are specific.
Microorganisms Patent Right Patent for processing organic fertilizer
Deposit Number
FERMBP - 7504 FERMBP - 7505
FERMBP - 7506

March 14, 2001

Identification of Microorganisms
Shimose1 ・ Shimose2 ・ Shimose3
Patent Number:

Patent registered:
July 11, 2008

Name of Invention:
Microbes, Combinations of Microbes, and the methods of making organic fertilizers by using these microbes


Based on the Research done by Prof.  Tay Joo Hwa, of Nanyan Technological University, Singapore, the ERS technology has been surveyed and evaluated by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Republic of Philippines.

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