The ERS is a Japanese innovation; the patented micro-organisms developed and formulated through long years of research and development. The machine converts biodegradable garbage/waste into fertilizer and animal feed.


President's Message


The environment is always my primary concern. For this reason, I dedicated my time and efforts to come up with a solution that will save our Mother Earth from deteriorating. Everyday, we see catastrophe unfolding in our very midst. We hear terrible hurricanes that damage lives and properties. We also hear shocking earthquakes of high magnitudes. People die of these catastrophes. Yes, loss of lives due to devastations wrought about by these catastrophes has led to misery. 

Catastrophes do not choose locations. If you notice, it can happen anywhere in the world. Typhoons along the coastlines of the Pacific and North America; earthquakes in Haiti, Indonesia and China; drought in Australia, India, Africa and some parts of Asia; volcano eruptions in Europe. These are just a few to mention. But what causes these catastrophes to happen? Global warming resulting in climate change, elevation of sea levels brought about by the melting ice in Polar regions are just to name a few. Urban areas also contribute to global warming through improper wastes disposals, lack of civic discipline and education.

It is for these reasons, that my father, who through his guidance and wisdom encouraged me to explore sustainable solutions for the global waste generation, which led me put all my efforts to this environmental advocacy and invent the Environmental Recycling System (ERS). My contribution to the world should help to minimize, if not eradicate, global warming through tireless efforts, which I sincerely hope would make an impact to calming down the roaring nature. Our objective should be to promote low carbon economy through available green technologies and adopting cleaner production standards that minimize wastes and mitigate the effects of climate change. 

Can’t you hear “Nature” cry? Let us, as one world, unite and give our utmost efforts to Mother Earth.


Our objective is to promote sustainable use of land and soils by replenishing nutrients using purely organic means, as well as to divert landfill waste, and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.


Our vision is to be a world leader in processing organic residue and other animal by-products and waste materials. We intend to fully leverage Japan ERS Technology Corporation’s patented technology to establish a global fleet of assets, either owned or licensed, to help address critical human and animal health issues.


It is important to Recycle and not destroy the environment. The ERS machine is a Zero-Waste Management. It is the best option to combat climate change. We strive to provide our Partners with the best sustainable solutions and resources that they require to be successful in today’s global green economy.
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