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Compost or Animal feed compound is the end product resulting from ERS’s controlled biological decomposition of organic material that has been sanitized through the generation of heat and ‘processed to further reduce pathogens’. Compost is an organic matter source that has the unique ability to improve the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of soils or growing media. This Analysis data can improve the utilization of compost in ways to best meet particular needs and to fit a specific situation.

Patents &Verifications

Patented Microbes 
ERS utilize specific microbes which are collected from the local soil for the fermentation and drying process. 3 types of microbes are specified and deposited to International Depositary Authority for the purpose of patent procedure. 

The 3 type of symbiotic microorganisms FERMBP-7504 FERMBP-7505 FERMBP-7506 are the first Associated Microbes to be received for deposit in the world under the International Budapest Treaty. Shimose – kins can be found everywhere in the world, but are specific.

Latest Projects


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  • ERS Processing Municipal Solid Waste
  • ERS for Food Processing Industry waste
  • ERS for Fishmeal process
  • ERS for treating Sewer Waste and fecal sludge
  • ERS for Processing Pork and Chicken Slaughter waste
  • ERS for Processing Chicken carcass
  • ERS for processing Dead animal carcass
  • ERS for processing Dredged sludge

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