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At JERS, we provide integrated waste management and environmental solutions, working in partnership with customers to help minimize the financial and environmental impacts of their waste. We provide a total waste management service and an affective disposal of waste.Our expertise lies in converting organic waste into quality compost, animal feed and fuel for use in agriculture, aquaculture, livestock farming and community growing needs. Our Municipal waste management service offers a real alternative to landfill, whereby we recover valuable energy from materials that cannot be recycled and is being wasted presently..

ERS Compost and Energy Recovery from MSW

ERS Processing Municipal Solid Waste

ERS for Processing Expired Food

ERS for Fishmeal process

ERS for treating Oil Sludge

ERS for Processing Pork and Chicken Slaughter waste

ERS for Processing Chicken carcass

ERS for processing Dead animal carcass

ERS for Raw Sewage Processing

ERS for Processing MSW - Philippines

ERS for Processing MSW - India

ERS for processing Construction debris 

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Myaim Watanabe Bldg
Tokyo,160-0022 Japan
Tel:  +81-3-6754-4483
Fax: +81-3-3350-0272
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