JERS Plant Factory is highly profitable indoor type technology aiming for a stable and efficient food supply. It is a “fully artificial light type” plant factory that controls growing environments of plants and cultivates plants in fully closed environments that do not use sunlight. Based on environmental and growth monitoring, it is a cultivation facility that performs annual and planned production of various vegetable plants by performing advanced environmental control and growth prediction

In a plant factory using artificial light, plants are grown indoors using hydroponic cultivation (growing plant without soil) with light and nutrient solutions provided artificially. One of the main advantages of this method is that the plants are not affected by weather or other factors. This also allows for operation with small footprints, making it possible to produce crops in urban areas and other environments. 



  • Speed of Growth: JERS System increases production volume by a perfectly and safe high speed of growth. This number is not for “from nursery to crop” but “from seed to crop”.
  • Electricity Consumption of Artificial Lighting: Compared to other hydroponic system, electricity consumption is only 25% because of perfect harmonization of the cultivating system. This contributes to higher profitability.
  • Harvesting Ratio: JERS System has a 95% quality harvest ratio compared to the 60% of other hydroponic systems. 
  • Multiple Layer Planting: The number of layers increase not
    only the production volume but also efficiency of supplying water and CO2, stabilization of temperature, humidity and levels of CO2.
  • Nutrient Content: JERS System Vegetables are more nutritious than field cultivated varieties.
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